Clanton, Alabama

Municipal Court


601 1st Avenue, Clanton, AL 35045 (205) 755-6669

The City of Clanton Municipal Court is the judicial branch of city government.   The Municipal Court handles the following;  motor vehicle and traffic violations, criminal misdemeanors, and municipal ordinance violations established by the Code of Ordinances committed within the city limits of Clanton, Alabama.  The purpose of the court is to provide a fair, impartial and efficient process whereby violations are adjudicated. It is our mission to provide the best quality service to the citizens of Clanton and those who visit our city.


The court office is open on weekdays from 8:00am until 4:30 pm each day except for state holidays. Municipal traffic and misdemeanor court is held each Tuesday promptly at 1:00 pm. This can change due to unforeseen circumstances. If you have questions about your court date, please call (205) 755-6669.

If you are scheduled to appear in court, please arrive early. If you fail to arrive on time or fail to appear, you could be found in contempt of court and you may be incarcerated.  Contempt of court is a serious offense. Failure to appear could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest, fines, and bond revocation. Please dress to reflect the dignity of the court. No hats/caps or lewd/obscene clothing is permitted.


The Clanton city hall parking lot is designated for visitor parking for law enforcement or court related business. Please do NOT park in the parking lot of the police department as this is for emergency vehicles only. If you park anywhere other than the designated lot, your vehicle is subject to removal.


What forms of payment are accepted when paying a fine in person?
The court accepts cash, money orders, cashierís checks, credit/debit cards. Please call (205) 755-6669 for more information.

Can someone other than the offender pay the ticket?
Yes, but if the offender plans to contest the case by pleading not guilty, they themselves must appear on their court date.

Do I have to appear in court or can I just pay the ticket before my court date?
If you do not plan to contest the ticket, you may pay the full payment within 24 hours of your court date either in person, via mail or online here.

Where are the locations available to pay a fine or ticket?
Please pay your fine or ticket in person at the court office, by mail, or online at this link.
For US Postal mail/ FedEx / UPS or other document service, send your ticket and a Cashierís Check or Money Order to:
City of Clanton Municipal Court
601 1st Avenue
Clanton, AL 35045

What happens if a fine is not paid by the court date?
Any traffic citations not paid by the court date are turned over to the judge, who issues a bench warrant and a request for suspension of the violatorís driverís license.

How do I file charges against someone?
File a report with the police department, then obtain a copy of the report. Take the police report to the court clerk, and you will file a deposition. If there is determined to be probable cause, a warrant or summons will be issued. A warrant cannot be issued without sufficient evidence. 

Note: In order to properly credit your ticket, the fine must be received at least 24 hours prior to your court date.