Clanton, Alabama

Zoning Ordinance Book

Zoning Book
Table of Contents
Articles I (Short Title) & II (Purpose)
Article III (General Regulations)
Article IV (Administration)
Article V (Definitions)
Article VI (Establishment of Districts)
Article VII (Supplemental Use Regulations)
Article VIII (Off-Street Parking & Loading Requirements)
Article IX (Sign Regulations)
Article X (Legal Status Provisions)

Zoning Amendment - Ordinance 01-09
Zoning Amendment - Ordinance 08-10
Zoning Amendment - Ordinance 10-10
ORD-2021-09 Amending Maximum Height Allowances
ORD-2021-19 Self-Service Storage Warehouse
ORD-2022-03 Amending Metal Structures

Rezoning Application
Special Exception Application
Variance Application