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Clanton Water Department - inside City Hall

The city of Clanton provides water and sewer services to residents and businesses of Clanton. You may pay your water bill in person at city hall, at our drive-up window. We do provide line location services from the street to the property line at no cost. Line location services on private property are available from local contractors. 

For questions involving water and sewer services, call us at (205) 755-1105. 

Rate Schedule

Water Deposit
Renters - $100.00
Property Owners - $50.00

Water Taps
6" Tap - $2,000.00

Fire Hydrant

Sewer Taps
4" Tap - $750.00
6" Tap - $1000.00
8" Tap - $1500.00

Sewer Pipe
Over 15 ft. - $7.50/foot (4" or 6" taps)
Over 15 ft. - $10.00/foot (8" taps)

$1250 - Up to 6 feet

$50 per additional foot)

Water Impact Fees
3/4" Meter - $750.00
1" Meter - $1875.00
2" Meter - $6000.00


Inside City Limits
3/4" Meter - $750.00
1" Meter - $1000.00
2" Meter - $2000.00

Outside City Limits
3/4" Meter - $1500.00
1" Meter - $1750.00
2" Meter - $2500.00

Clanton Water Treatment Plant Improvements

The Clanton Water Treatment Plant (WTP) located approximately five miles east of Clanton on Lake Mitchell Road was constructed in 1970 with an original capacity to treat 3 million gallons of water per day. Relatively few improvements were made to the original plant until 2011 when the first of three planned improvements projects was initiated. A three phased approach to the Clanton WTP improvements was developed by Alabama Municipal and Environmental Engineers, Inc. that would eventually increase the treatment capacity to 6 million gallons of water per day. Each phase of improvements was planned to include treatment process expansions and existing plant renovations. New sedimentation basins were the focus of WTP work constructed in 2011 and 2012 as part of Clanton WTP Phase I Improvements.

Design work by Krebs Engineering, Inc. was begun in 2018 for Phase II of the Clanton WTP Improvements. Phase II work included plans for a new one million gallon clearwell (treated water storage) that duplicated the existing WTP clearwell, new filters doubling the WTP’s filter capacity and providing much needed redundancy, a new 3 million gallons per day high service pump, piping and valve replacements for the original filters, improvements at the raw water intake facility and more. Work initiated in the spring of 2019 is scheduled for completion before the end of 2020. The work is being performed by Apel Machine and Supply Company, Inc. This project will set the stage for the Phase III improvements including the original WTP chemical feed and mixing chamber, flocculation and sedimentation basin improvements; additional raw water pump and intake facility additions and improvements; and other renovations that will complete the increase in total treatment capacity of the plant to 6 million gallons per day.

As the City of Clanton continues to grow, water demands are increasing. The Clanton Water and Sewer Board is positioned to meet the challenge of providing the water treatment necessary to provide the domestic water and fire protection needs of a growing city.