Clanton, Alabama

Public Works & Utilities

Welcome to the City of Clanton Public Works & Utilities Department.  You may not think about us all the time, but we're constantly working to make your life and your city better for you.  Our department imparts Clanton resident's lives in many ways as we keep Clanton going.

Our Departments provides day to day maintenance of the City's infrastructure services in the areas Water, sewer and facility operation.  Sanitation, street maintenance, city and storm sanitary sewer operation: and emergency response for certain situations.

The mission of our departments is to plan, construction and maintain the infrastructure of the community.  We provide essential services that ensure safety, protect public health, and safeguard our residence. 

We are here to serve the residents of the City of Clanton.  You may contact the Public Works Director or Utilities Director by calling the City Hall at (205) 688-6840.  

Director of Public Works, Jeff Zissette
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Director of Utilities, Stanley Higgins
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