Clanton, Alabama

Fire Department

Department Information

The Clanton Fire Department currently has eighteen on call members that answer an average of 2,200 calls annually. The department provides Advanced Life Support, Fire Suppression and Technical Rescue out of three stations. The department has four engines, one aerial apparatus and three Advanced Life Support units.

Mission Statement

The Clanton Fire Department is dedicated to providing public safety to our citizens that result in a better quality of life. As an organization and individual members, we strive to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Clanton, through safely and efficiently providing Code Enforcement, Public Education and Emergency Services. We will work diligently with harmony each day to provide the services we promote. We care about our customers, their property and each other. Our members are the avenue through which daily operations touch lives, reduce suffering and protect property.


The Clanton Fire Department was formed and the ordinance to create a fire department for the Town of Clanton was signed and adopted on November 24, 1922 by Mayor V.J. Gragg. The fire department at that time had three hand-pulled hose wagons, one of which is currently on display at Station One, and a larger horse-pulled wagon that carried ladders and other firefighting equipment. The first fire engine was an American LaFrance and was purchased in 1927. A picture of the fire engine and members of the department at that time is also on display at Station One.

Station 1
Clanton Fire Station No. 1 is located at 100 6th Street South. It houses Engine 1, Truck 1 and Rescue 21. Itís coverage area is the downtown central portion of the city and east and west to the city limits.

Station 2
Clanton Fire Station No. 2 is located at 2020 7th Street. It houses Engine 2, Rescue 22, the department's wildland firefighting vehicle, hazardous materials response unit, mass casualty response unit and the department's all terrain vehicle. Itís coverage area is the southern portion of the city.

Station 3
Clanton Fire Station No. 3 is located at 155 Peach Tower Road; in the shadow of the cityís iconic peach water tower. It houses Engine 3, Reserve Engine 4 and Rescue 23. Itís coverage is the northern portion of the city.