Clanton, Alabama

Fire Chief, David Driver

Fire chief, David K. Driver

Welcome to the official website of the City of Clanton and the Clanton Fire Department. I hope you find this site helpful, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. The Clanton Fire Department is a progressive department with personnel who are dedicated to the city as well as the citizens we protect. Our goal is to save lives and property, and the scope of this endeavor is broadening on a daily basis. We have evolved from a department answering routine fire and EMS calls to a department that responds to calls for technical rescue and hazardous materials. We will continue to train and prepare ourselves for whatever emergency the future may hold.

The Clanton Fire Department is committed to public and life safety education in order to attempt to minimize injury and death. Each year the department participates in several fire prevention activities to better educate the general public, especially children. These events include the Peach Jam in June, National Night Out in August and Fire Prevention Week in October. We educate an average of 1,500 children and adults annually in fire prevention and safety.

We will continue to prepare ourselves for evolving threats to our citizens. We will accomplish this through a continued commitment to emergency services, public education and training. By doing this, we will be able to meet the broad spectrum of possible emergency needs. We look forward to serving you and the citizens of Clanton and Chilton County.

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