My vehicle was towed. Where is it now?

The Clanton Police Department does not operate an impound lot. The City of Clanton contracts with several different wrecker companies in the Clanton area. If your vehicle is towed, the towing agency is responsible for the care and custody of your vehicle. Each business has their own pricing index. Most agencies charge a storage fee if the vehicle is not picked up by the owner on the same day. The following towing services are currently approved for wrecker rotation calls in The City of Clanton.

Name of ServicePhone Number
Auto Collision Wrecker Service205-755-6646
Baugh Ford Wrecker Service205-280-4100
Mark's Towing and Auto Repair205-280-1885
McKinnon Motors205-755-3430
Southern Dixie205-755-8473
Wheeler Wrecker Service205-755-8044

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