Will the Clanton Police Department respond if I lock my keys in my car?

Unless there is an immediate danger to public safety (i.e., a child is locked inside), you will be asked to contact a towing company or a locksmith. If the vehicle is running and creating a hazard or if a child is locked in the car, the Police Department will respond. Clanton Police Officers do not respond to routine lock-outs; we will respond to animals locked in a car if the windows are closed and the situation could constitute animal cruelty.

Name of ServicePhone Number
Auto Collision Wrecker Service205-755-6646
Baugh Ford Wrecker Service205-280-4100
Mark's Towing and Auto Repair205-280-1885
McKinnon Motors205-755-3430
Pete's Wrecker Service205-280-0607
Southern Dixie Wheel and Tire205-755-8473
Wheeler Wrecker Service205-755-8044

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